RAD HUSAK PL, b. 1990

London-based artist Radek Husak creates artworks focusing on photography in combination with collage and a diverse spectrum of printmaking techniques, such as the cyanotype.


The artist plays with double exposure in photography, enabling images to be superimposed over each other. Multiple images can be overlaid creating a translucent effect. The artist gives reworks and re-contextualises the image by employing modern glitch photography, digitally altering and manipulating the image in the process.


Husak’s most recent series ‘Mirrored’ (2018), depict the male physique in a process driven manner. Influenced by the pop culture of the 1950s and 1960s, the artist uses repetition while imprinting the figure on the silver aluminium surface, evoking associations with Andy Warhol’s cinematic silver  Elvis series(1963). Composing multiple photographs of the same model in different poses, so that the images overlap, Husak simulates an effect that creates interaction between the semi-transparent figures which give the impression of mounted layers or the reflection of a mirrored reflection.