Dellasposa x Home House

14 August 2019 - 29 February 2020

Dellasposa Gallery is delighted to announce our new exhibition at Home House, London. Presenting works by Alexander James Hamilton, Darren Coffield, Ehryn Torrell, Alicia Paz, and Tahnee Lonsdale, this exhibition is curated in collaboration with Charlie Smedley, from A Space for Art, Home House. 


The vision for the exhibition at Home House stems, in many ways, from its history. When Home House was first conceived in 1773, it was designed purely for enjoyment and entertainment at No. 20 Portman Square, London. Today, the club is a space for new ideas enabling art to thrive in a glorious setting that fuses 18th century splendour with 21st century style. 


The prestigious club highlights the best of contemporary art and historic architecture. Presenting a collection of contemporary artists work at the clubs inspires wonder upon first glance, and soon feel like old friend to members. Complimenting the fine architectural details and neo-classical style of the house is raised by fresh appeal of contemporary art.


Although there is no overriding conceptual theme to the collection, certain stories have naturally emerged. From 1932, for almost sixty years, Home House was leased to the Courtauld Institute of Art, the director of which, between 1947 and 1974, was the art historian, Master of the Queen's Pictures and infamous spy, Anthony Blunt. It was in the rooms of Home House that art lovers and scholars mingled with politicians and members of the Establishment, whilst a secret listening device was allegedly concealed by MI5, in the connecting wall between No. 20 and No. 21 Portman Square. 


Visitors to Home House today will witness the art that came in from the cold with a spy's taste for culture. Here, contemporary British artist Darren Coffield presents Blunt Adoration, a parody of the classical 'Adoration' wound around a portrait of Lord Snowdon's iconic portrait of Anthony Bunt examining a transparency of Pablo Picasso's panting. With its twists and turns in narrative, the painting exemplifies the current 'looking glass of war' of fake news, and digital espionage. 


Dellasposa Gallery's exhibition at Home House is an ode to our deep-rooted belief in the connection art should have with the viewer, and our collaborative approach to curation highlights the values we place in cross-cultural dialogue between the past, present, and future of the arts. 


For more information or a private tour of the exhibition at Home House, please do contact us at or  +44 (0)20 3286 1017   


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