Tales from the Colony Room by Darren Coffield review — Soho’s sleaziest club

Roland White, The Times, April 12, 2020

Hilarious and shocking stories from London’s last bohemiam hotspot


One evening many years ago Molly Parkin was invited to a Soho club by a man she had barely met. The future Sunday Times fashion editor, then an art college lecturer, recalls how “dingy” and “filthy” it was. That surprise was nothing compared with the shock of meeting the club’s owner.


“Now, you common little c***,” said an intimidating woman, perched on a stool by the door. “Who are you when you’re at home?” Molly, no shrinking violet, managed to stammer that she was a painter. “Thought you was a f****** secretary from them awful clothes,” came the reply. As Molly wasn’t a secretary, she was treated to champagne.