Since we first launched Dellasposa in 2016, we have been determined to establish a unique philosophy for our gallery. As the founders and owners of Dellasposa, our hopes for its future is inspired by our respect for art history and desire to discover the art of now. 
In our first two years we have overseen a series of exciting developments: we have curated a number dynamic exhibitions in Mayfair, London; grown and developed our team; participated in  local art fairs; hosted insightful and erudite events in private members clubs; all while continuing the gallery’s focus on contemporary connoisseurship through exhibitions, bespoke art consultations, and sales to both public and private collections. 
We are excited to now be writing a new chapter to the story of Dellasposa. In autumn 2018, we will be launching a new permanent gallery space in Connaught Village, London. It will be a new destination to host Dellasposa’s growing stable of artists, a broader spectrum of works by the Modern Masters, and a newly expanded events programme.  
Dellasposa gallery is an environment for creating culture. Being an advocate for artists is our responsibility, and we intend to make a difference for diversity by actively championing artists through our exhibitions and events programme. We understand that art is often a conversation piece; it is our responsibility as curators and gallerists, on behalf of artists, to engage people in conversation about the art we show.  
Our vision has led us to reinvigorate the tradition of the Salon by hosting a series of events that are as social as they are a reason for intellectual discourse. New experiences at the gallery will include talks, masterclasses, and immersive events.
The artists exhibited at the gallery possess an exceptional understanding of their respective mediums in painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, and installation. Whether working with methods rooted in tradition or employing entirely new and unique techniques, their artistic process is united by their it’s conceptual rigour and strength of expression.
We sincerely believe that trust and transparency is the foundation for everything we do and therefore place considerable value on the independent and impartial art advisory service we continue to offer to our clients. Through the re-examination of connoisseurship in our contemporary times, we encourage you to explore new ways of looking. We are creating a space for contemplation in an age of digital distraction. We are determined to continue working diligently to make this a new age for Dellasposa, and we look forward to the years ahead and all the delights they hold as we launch the gallery into a new era.