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JULY 05 - 09





This year, we will be making our inaugural appearance at the Henley Festival. In 2017, this extraordinary Festival will bring artists of the highest calibre from all over the world, and draw an audience in excess of 30,000 to the most quintessentially British festival setting they will ever experience.

Dellasposa is delighted to be exhibiting new work from Alexander James' series, All Icons are False. Situated in the Patrons Lounge, we are showing a selection of unqiue photographic works on paper. In his latest body of work, the artist explains: 

'I present a gothic homage to the stained glass window for the 21st century. The stained glass windows have had their religious totems removed and replaced with organic abstractions as the icon of these religious mantles. We ourselves seem to be drowning in a society that is dominated by a reverence towards the new religion of media, flocking to the church of brand and celebrity. Nature and science alone command such idolism; all other icons are false.'

Review by the art critic, Paul Carey-Kent:

'To make the series, James has taken 850 plate film photographs of 50 petal heavy arrangements of flowers densely combined underwater, then variously layered these ‘core plates’ on a scanner – up to four at a time – using both positive and negative images [...] The result is an acceptance of the contingent in sequence of semi-controlled accidents, much as occurs in the process based abstract painting, and with characteristic attraction of being able to trace or at least speculate on what events have caused the particular outcome.’   

The exhibition takes place this year from 5 – 9 July at the Henley Royal Regatta ground and we would be delighted to welcome you to our stand in the Patrons lounge. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a private viewing.









FRIDAY 7th           




SUNDAY 9th        

11:30-15:00 (ticketed family event)





In collaboration with Henley Festival

Henley-on-Thames, Oxon RG9 2LY




Dellasposa can be found in the Patrons Lounge at Henley Festival







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