Misha Milovanovich: In Conversation with Nadia Taiga: Dellasposa Podcast

8 June - 27 October 2021
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Throughout the course of her exhibition The Shape of Colour at Dellasposa Gallery, we have invited the artist Misha Milovanovich to host a series of talks with art world insiders.


In this episode, we hear Misha in conversation with Nadia Taiga, who is a collector, curator, and Executive Director at SNARK.ART, and NFT platform. Alongside her deep passion for fine art, Nadia is a blockchain expert and now has a special interest in crypto and digital art.


Misha Milovanovich's solo exhibition ‘The Shape of Colour’ at Dellasposa Gallery continues until the 12th of June 2020. For more information visit the online exhibition here and further details about the exhibition at Dellasposa Gallery here


For more information on Misha Milovanovich's NFTs and the Snark Art platform, visit www.snark.art


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