Misha Milovanovich in Conversation with Lola Alexander: Dellasposa Podcast

4 June - 27 October 2021


Throughout the course of her exhibition The Shape of Colour at Dellasposa, we have invited the artist Misha Milovanovich to host a series of talks with art world insiders.

For this latest instalment, we are joined by Misha in conversation with the curator and collector, Lola Alexander; both of whom have known each other for many years having met through the art scene in New York.


In this episode, Misha and Lola discuss the language of colour, the healing nature of art and the totemic aspects of Misha’s new sculptures., the influence of Luis Barragan’s architecture as a space for her sculptures in the digital realm. Their conversation then continues on the subject of the digital alliance between art, technology, and NFTs that have developed over the course of the past year in the art world.


Misha Milovanovich's exhibition The Shape of Colour continues till Saturday 12th June. Book your visit to view the exceptional sculptures here.