Introducing Xaxa Mason

 Xaxa Mason,  Becky , 2014

Xaxa Mason, Becky, 2014

Xaxa Mason's painting practice explores the territory of intimacy: the dynamics of understandings and misunderstandings, of empathy and separation between people. I work in the area where the public meets the private, drawing from source material of paparazzi photographs of celebrities as well as from my own personal photographs. 

The contemporary obsession with the spectacle of celebrities, as well as the fan worship of stars are areas that inform my practice. On the other hand, I also work with personal memories and feelings, autobiographical material that is, in principle, very different from the images of celebrities. 

The mass media image and the personal photograph generate different avenues in my practice, but both also converge in various ways. In both avenues painting becomes a process in which I reimagine the possibilities inherent in our human interactions, by looking again and looking differently at those images.