Exhibition Announcement | 'In Pursuit of Things Past' with Darren Coffield + Isabella Watling

 L-R: Isabella Watling,  Ana , 2013; Darren Coffield,  Dead Game III (After Chardin) , 2015

L-R: Isabella Watling, Ana, 2013; Darren Coffield, Dead Game III (After Chardin), 2015

Dellasposa is proud to present the new exhibition,  In Pursuit of Things Past. Featuring works of still-life and portraiture by provocative contemporary artist, Darren Coffield, alongside paintings by rising portrait painter, Isabella Watling, the exhibition presents a Proustian meditation on time, memory, and the aesthetic impulse.

Unveiling a new series of work, Darren Coffield's Interspatial Paintings draw parallels with Proust’s rumination on time past and time present by examining how we see and perceive the world around us. Coffield's compositions are painted and then reassembled as a jigsaw, subverting the viewer’s expectations by piecing his still-life paintings together with its own constituent elements now distorted through the lens of memory and relational perspective. These encrypted images raise fundamental issues regarding the veracity of reality to appearance, consumption and corruption, knowledge and memory.

Coffield uses as his motif still-life paintings after the 18th-century French artist, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (1699-1779). Considered the master of still-life, Chardin’s paintings were so influential to the French writer Marcel Proust that the novelist expounded upon the beauty of everyday objects as inspiring moments of revelation. The ordinary can be extraordinary, if only one is able pause and see it as extraordinary. Here, the artist imbues the everyday world with new meaning through his unique observation of the world around him. 

 Darren Coffield,  Dead Game II (After Chardin) , 2015

Darren Coffield, Dead Game II (After Chardin), 2015

Alongside Coffield’s portraits and still-lifes are recent works by the young apprentice to Velásquez, Isabella Watling. Trained at the Charles H. Cecil studio in Florence – the oldest atelier in Europe – Watling follows in the footsteps of the Old Masters; painting from life using the same manner and techniques employed by the likes of Titian, Velásquez and John Singer Sargent. With a considered observation of her subjects, she paints with a vision in unison with memory, expressing the greater reality of light, colour, and form. Here, the visual language of art evolves from the past to the present through silence and slow time - exhibiting to us a vision more complete, more seizing, more probing than reality itself.

 Isabella Watling,  Nude , 2013

Isabella Watling, Nude, 2013

In Pursuit of Things Past is located at 10 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 7JE. The exhibition is open from 10 April until 6 May, 2017. We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition and invite you to enjoy the sight of these paintings, on view for a limited time, in the heart of Mayfair, London. For all inquiries, please contact info@dellasposa.com