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At the heart of Dellasposa's advisory service is a high level of expertise in modern masters of the 20th century. With a personalised approach to our clients' interests in art, we can assist private established and aspiring clients in building a collection or purchasing an individual artwork by identifying artwork of the highest quality; offering a global perspective of the contemporary art market; and establishing a curatorial and historical perspective amongst today’s contemporary artists.. 

We are able to advise with every aspect, from undertaking research that includes art critical and art market analysis, to providing art fair guidance, and auction representation. With our finger on the pulse and network of contacts, dealers, and auction house specialists, we provide access to opportunities in the market as they arise.





Dellasposa offers a wide range of collection management services, including valuations for individual works of art and collections, cataloguing, arranging museum and exhibition loans, and acting as a liaison with conservators, legal and professional advisors.

We also offer curatorial assistance, including in-depth research, professional cataloguing and documenting works of art; advice on shipping, framing and installation.We are able to manage all logistics and administration on behalf of our clients, charging on a fixed-fee basis.





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Dellasposa conducts extensive research, due diligence, and market analysis prior to any client acquisition. We produce bespoke reports summarising our professional opinion regarding the quality, condition, provenance, market history, and value of each artwork, as well as our view of market conditions, hidden costs and further due diligence required.

Dellasposa provides the following services to clients looking to acquire artwork:

Assessment: Initially an assessment will be made of the client’s collection as well as identify the collector’s long and short-term strategies.  New clients will be invited to gallery visits to assist in establish their focus by movement and medium.

Expertise:  Clients will receive a unique combination of specialist knowledge and expertise by advisors who have established relationships with some of finest contemporary art galleries, auction houses, and dealers in the UK and abroad.

Access:  Through extensive knowledge of the art market, Dellasposa will navigate clients’ interests and needs, and introduce them to a focused range of artworks at galleries, art fairs, auctions, and private sales. 

Art Acquisition: Dellasposa will source and suggest works of art that meet clients’ interests, tastes and budgets to works in all media. 




Dellasposa’s mission is to raise the value of our clients artwork at sale whilst ensuring their specific situational requirements are also considered. We provide each collector with an impartial assessment of the relevant market conditions, as well as an evaluation of all available sale options and their implications. We advise on both the sale of individual works and larger collections; we are able to handle all due-diligence, negotiations and logistics.

Dellasposa provides the following services: 

  • Valuations for works of art and collections
  • Market analysis and strategic advice
  • Art market reports & insight
  • Auction and private sale consignment negotiations
  • Arrangement of museum gifts and loans
  • Pre-sale & post-sale management and logistics


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