Open Eye Signal

Open Eye Signal


Simon Davis, Open Eye Signal, 2016
Oil on board
Signed by the artist, lower left on recto
Signed by the artist, on verso
90 × 60 cm (35 2/5 × 23 3/5 in.)

The present work is framed in a black box frame

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Open Eye Signal is a portrait of the photographer Aliona Adrianova. In many ways, the present work was a represents a creative collaboration between the artist and the photographer, for Adrianova portrayed Davis in her photographic series, just as he painted her. During this period, Adrianova recalls that for Davis ‘beauty is confidence, creativity, and the desire to be different. Davis generally likes using a very limited palette of colours and wanted to strip the portrait back even further. He wanted to introduce an atmosphere that could almost be mystical... and definitely with no smiles!’ In turn, Davis recalled his moment painting Adrianova:‘I really wanted this to be a portrait that was compositionally strong.Aliona was wearing a black dress that was so clean and uncomplicated that I wanted her to be a kind of fluid ribbon running the height of the portrait.’