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The curation of an aesthetic legacy is intrinsic to the Dellasposa vision. We believe in the revision of classical tradition through contemporary culture, and the enlivening of the arts to secure the future of our heritage. 

Portraiture, a richly diverse and enigmatic genre of art, has been the most fascinating form of depicting people and recording the history of our world over centuries. Having a portrait painted today is a unique experience, capturing a loved one with a penetrating depth of character and a legacy that endures over time. 

We are delighted to introduce to you some of the foremost portrait painters in then United Kingdom today. Among our renowned artists, Ralph Heimans has established an esteemed reputation for painting portraits of royalty, including Queen Elizabeth. Other notable artists available for commissions include Isabella Watling, Simon Davis, and Sabatino Cersosimo have been widely recognised for their highly skilled and innovating portraits.





The process of painting a portrait differs according to each artist.

Ralph Heimans creates portraits following a lengthy process of preparation, ensuring his portraits convey are a narrative and reflection of a landscape personal to his subjects.

Isabella Watling employs the sight-size technique into her practice - a tradition of painting from life that dates from the time of Titian and the Venetian School.

Recognising many people lead busy lives, artists Sabatino Cersosimo and Simon Davis create portraits using a combination of painting from life in addition to photography. Each artist works in a distinctive and highly personal style, following their own approach and unique observations of the subject.

In every case, there will follow a period of intense studio work during which the finer qualities of the painting are realised. 

Dellasposa Fine Art maintains a unique, tailored service that ensures the overall process - from initial idea, introduction to artists, studio sittings, and final presentation - runs smoothly. We provide unrivalled guidance and insight while understanding the individual needs of our clients.





Commissioning a portrait is an entirely creative and inspiring experience.

If you are interested in having a portrait done, please do get in touch to arrange a consultation.