Introducing Xaxa Mason

Xaxa Mason's painting practice explores the territory of intimacy: the dynamics of understandings and misunderstandings, of empathy and separation between people. I work in the area where the public meets the private, drawing from the source material of paparazzi photographs of celebrities as well as from my own personal photographs. 

Exhibition Announcement | 'In Pursuit of Things Past' with Darren Coffield + Isabella Watling

Dellasposa is proud to present the new exhibition,  In Pursuit of Things Past. Featuring works of still-life and portraiture by provocative contemporary artist, Darren Coffield, alongside paintings by rising portrait painter, Isabella Watling, the exhibition presents a Proustian meditation on time, memory, and the aesthetic impulse.

Great Collectors: David Rockefeller

In our first post from our series on great art collectors, we commemorate David Rockefeller, who passed away at the age of 101 on Monday, 20th March. A lifelong patron of the arts, Rockefeller began collecting art under the mentorship of Alfred Barr, founding director of MoMA, New York. He went on to amass an extensive collection of some 15,000 works of art, objet d’art, and antiquities. Having donated his parent’s collection to New York’s Asia Society, he also founded the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection. In 1994, MoMA held an exhibition on a selection of Rockefeller’s collection, with twenty-one works of art given by the patron to the museum. On the occasion of his 100th birthday, he pledged a $100 million bequest to MoMA, then the largest donation in the museum’s history. Here, we present ‘White Centre (Yellow, Pink, and Lavender Rose)’ by Mark Rothko in 1950. The painting resided in Rockefeller’s collection for forty-seven years until its sale at Sotheby’s, New York, in 2007 for record-breaking amount. Rockefeller said, ‘I think of Art as the highest level of creativity. To me, it is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment.’

Alexander James | Transparency of a Dream

Presenting an iridescent chorus of blue Morpho butterflies from the exquisite series, Transparency of a Dream (2014), these new work continue the artist's work with Lepidoptera, comprising several generations of individual butterflies delicately overlaying one another. The series serves as a meditation on the most important on-going themes of life and mortality within the artist’s oeuvre, while simultaneously surveying the aesthetic force of the photographic medium. Throughout his practice, Alexander James has adhered to a doctrine of ‘in camera purity’, eschewing digital film and post-production editing in favour of analogue techniques. 

The scene of the descendent butterflies dancing in space is captured underwater. For Alexander James, the introduction of water serves its purpose both symbolically and as the functional device through which to achieve the painterly execution of these works; with the interaction of brushes and the artist's bare hands on the surface tension of the water, literally painting the subject in light.


Artist in Focus: Sabatino Cersosimo

Sabatino Cersosimo was born in 1974 in Turin, Italy. After graduating with a degree in Advertising and Design from the Instituto Albe Steiner in 1993, he went on to study painting at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin, where he completed his degree in 1999. He now resides in Berlin, where he works in his atelier. 

The psychological and relational complexity of mankind is at the centre of Cersosimo’s aesthetic interests. Following a line that has its roots in expressionist painting and the Viennese Secession, Cersosimo’s paintings blend his interests in realism and expressive gestures. Developing his own technique, the artist paints his subjects on a steel surface, where he explores the effects of oxidation obtained by the introduction of water and other natural elements.

Art Market in Review

Conditions in the art market over the past year have indicated an industry in something of a state of flux. Whilst a welcome dose of froth appears to have been removed from the market, significant personnel upheavals at the auction houses, a reduction in the use of guarantees and tougher art fair conditions also seem to be impacting the general trading landscape. But the art world has a habit of talking only about itself, and we think there is an equally significant consumer trend afoot that may actually impact the industry more fundamentally in the longer term.