War, Politics, and Money

War, Politics, and Money


Alexander James, War, Politics, and Money [0422], 2016

From the series, Offshore Recordings
Unique silver gelatin photograph
Presented in museum archival box, wrapped in Gesso paper
51 (h) x 41 (w) cm (20 x 16 in.)


Memories and texts noted down on a typewriter are documented underwater using an 8 by 10 analogue camera to capture a dancing brigade of light. These shards of light take on the control and semblance of charcoal on paper, rolling the texts over an offshore seascape that shifts into a cartographic recording to hold unchanging through time.

Presented here 'as shot' these colour negative film plates show flecks of colour darting through them, when in fact each will be a unique B&W silver gelatin print; this intended intervention in the particular use of medium to remove any trace of colour, and, by making only one unique print, enforces the perception of the singular uniqueness of the final photograph; only physical viewers will ever get to see its intended black and white form. The digital versions seen here but a mere representation of the final artwork, wherever it hangs.